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Frequent Questions

Call center reservations 0745 380 000

To buy tickets online, please click here.

To get more information about Transfero services, use the contact form or explore the fields below.

Online Booking: Credit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro

Own agencies / Partner agencies: Credit card or cash.

By Phone / Driver: The payment will be made to the driver and you will receive a receipt that also serves as the ticket/booking confirmation. When buying your tickets directly from the bus driver or by phone you will always pay the normal price. Discounted tickets are only available when purchasing tickets online or from one of our agencies/travel agencies.

You can easily navigate to the SCHEDULES section of our site, choose your starting city and click DETAILS. A new page will open in which you will find all the details of the chosen city.

Yes, only if it is in a box suitable for animal transport and it will be placed in the special place for luggage.

Travel vouchers generally include free transportation for:

  • hand luggage: Small luggage (up to 5 kg) is allowed on the bus as hand luggage. Hand luggage must be stored in the specially designed spaces (not under the seats or in the space between the seats).
  • hold luggage: Must not exceed 25 kg. Luggage that exceed the maximum weight is subject to a fee, in accordance with the Luggage Fee Rules, and is limited by the available space (not guaranteed).

The easiest way is to book your ticket directly from our website at ONLINE TICKETS section. You can also book your tickets from any travel agency, on the phone by contacting the 24/7 dispatcher or directly from the bus driver. Please note that for reservations made by phone or at the bus driver you will pay the full price for the ticket. Get the best price by booking your tickets online or from any travel agency.

First, you need to check carefully whether your voucher has the correct identification information, such as the trip date and schedule. If you want to cancel the trip, please return the voucher to the office that issued it, in accordance with the rules governing such cases.

Any modification of the trip’s date and time must be communicated to a Transfero partner office, whose personnel will change your voucher. You need to pay the necessary fees, as per the Rules Regarding the Cancellation and Rescheduling of Travel Vouchers. You can access the rules here.

As early as possible. A good example is buying vouchers at the same time you buy your plane ticket. The earlier you buy, the better the price. We have always stuck to this rule. Upon buying your plane ticket, you can immediately acquire your airport travel voucher.

Yes, you have a discount when purchasing the tickets on our site: www.transfero.ro, at least 15 lei per ticket, per person. It is best to buy them as soon as possible.

You will be given the chance to acquire a Transfero loyalty card.

The car will wait between 5 and 10 minutes beyond the time stipulated on your voucher.

Should a delay occur, please contact our call center (0745.380.000/0785.380.000) or the driver directly. The driver’s contact number is on the voucher, at the bottom of the page.

On Board Services

When traveling with Transfero you have the guarantee of the best services. To meet all your preferences and requirements, the fleet of coaches and minibuses of the newest generation offers the most complete onboard services so that the journey from home to the airport to be a pleasure.

Comfortable seating and generous legroom.
Travelling around surfing at 4G Internet speed. USB sockets are a standard feature in our cars.
Always on time at destination.
Transfero buses provide enough luggage space.