General conditions of transport

General transport terms and conditions

Status: 03.08.2022


Article 1. Application of these conditions

The transport conditions apply to the transport of passengers by coach in the TRANSFERO network. The means of transport are intended for the transport of passengers.

Art 1.1 Passengers undertake to comply with the General Conditions of Carriage and the provisions in force of the Law of Transport in Romania and of the other states through which the passenger travels.

Art 1.2 The carrier and the partner agencies assume no responsibility if a passenger does not comply with the abovementioned provisions.

Art 1.3 By buying a transfer ticket or making a reservation, the passengers agree with the travel conditions mentioned below.

Art 1.4 We reserve the right to send notifications related to travel / promotional messages and other information to Transfero clients. Continuing and completing the process of booking / purchasing transfer tickets by any method is your agreement.

Art. 1.5 Company S.C. Transfero Turistic S.R.L. reserves the right to select its clientele.


Article 2. Right to transport

Art 2.1 The right to transport appears when a transport contract has been concluded.

Art 2.2 The legal provisions regarding the transport contracts define the cases in which the carrier is released from any liability.

Art 2.3 Travel vouchers returned are those vouchers for which the customer returns the value under the conditions of the “Regulation on the Cancellation and Reprogramming of travel vouchers”, in case the customer gives up the trip partially or in full.

Art 2.4 The date of departure is considered to be the date on which the trip from Romania begins and is inscribed on the travel voucher.

Article 2.5 Confirmation of the reservation (see article 3.1) gives the passenger the right to move from the place of departure and destination indicated on the ticket. According to the legal provisions, a climb to a subsequent station or a descent to a station prior to those mentioned on the ticket is not allowed.

Art. 2.6 When booking tickets on vehicles, the obligation to carry the passenger appears only if there are sufficient free seats for the entire distance traveled.

               *Art. 2¹ Special clause:

Accuracy of data provided for tickets purchased online:

  1. The customer is obliged to enter on the site, when purchasing travel vouchers, the correct information – the most important being: phone number, email address, first and last name, date and time of the trip. Data entered incorrectly can lead to loss of travel, loss of new information, such as a change of schedule or fare, etc.
  2. Transfero is not guilty of the data entered in the case of issuing travel vouchers.
  3. The client must also enter the prefix of the country where the phone number comes from.
  4. If an error of the data entered is noticed, the traveler is asked to call 0745.380.000 or send an email to Subsequently, the data will be modified according to the client’s requirements.
  5. The client is obliged to enter on the site the phone number of the person who will make the trip and be valid. Transfero is not guilty if another person’s phone number has been entered or has been entered incorrectly.

Accuracy of the data provided for tickets purchased from travel agencies or for telephone reservations:

  1. The client is obliged to provide the travel agent with the correct travel information – the most important being: phone number, email address, first and last name, date and time of the trip. Data entered incorrectly can lead to loss of travel, loss of new information, such as a change of schedule or fare, etc.
  2. Transfero is not guilty of the data entered in the case of issuing travel vouchers.
  3. The customer is obliged to communicate the telephone number together with the prefix of the country from which he has his origin.
  4. The client has the obligation to check with the travel agent, at the time of purchase / reservation of the travel voucher, the data entered: phone number, name, first name, date and time of the trip, email address.
  5. The client is required to communicate to the travel agent the phone number of the person who will complete the trip and be valid. Transfero is not guilty if the other person’s phone number was communicated or it was communicated incorrectly.

Art. 3. Travel tickets / Transport tariffs / Validity / Reservations

Art 3.1 For the transport, the established tariffs must be paid. To this end, travel tickets will be issued through the Transfero platform. As confirmation of the reservation, the presentations in printed form or in electronic format (in PDF format) of the travel voucher or the presentation with the first and last name are accepted, together with a valid photo ID of the passenger. For each person, respectively, one ticket will be issued. Transhipment courses are considered to be a single journey. Upon reservation, the passenger’s first and last name and telephone number will be indicated. The verification of the travel right is made by comparing the passenger’s name with the reservation lists, which will be shown to the driver or the personnel of the station based on the reservation.

Art 3.2 The passenger must make a reservation before the journey begins. Access to the passenger compartment of the car is only allowed with a valid reservation confirmation.

At 3.2.1 The trips can be booked through the web portals, by telephone, in the own ticket agencies or of the partners or on board the vehicles. A reservation on board the vehicles is only possible if there are enough free seats for the entire distance traveled. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase in advance (online or agencies).

Art 3.2.2 A booking confirmation (the details mentioned in the order) is stored, it can be accessed on the web portals and can also be sent by e-mail at the request of the passenger.

Art. 3.2.3 The insurance of the place in the bus is guaranteed when the travel voucher is purchased.

Art 3.2.3 No preferential seats can be reserved at the time of purchase of the voucher. These are randomly busy. Passengers with children and persons with reduced mobility have priority in the choice of seats.

Art 3.3 The travel voucher is nominal, cannot be passed on to another person and must be presented at the request of the personnel of the company or of the authorities authorized to carry out checks.

Art 3.4 The validity of the voucher starts from the time and day of departure written on it and ends at the time and date of arrival specified on the voucher.

Art 3.5 The renunciation of the trip and the return of the voucher can only be made by the agency that issued the voucher, in compliance with the regulations applicable in such cases. See the “Regulation on the cancellation and rescheduling of travel vouchers”.

Art. 3.6 Any change in the travel time or date must be notified and operated on the voucher to a Transfero partner agency, paying the related fees, in accordance with the “Regulation on the Cancellation and Reprogramming of travel vouchers”.

Art 3.7 The purchase of vouchers with promotional rates and with a fixed return date cannot be modified.

Art 3.8 In case of rescheduling the travel date, this will be done only within the limits of the places available for the requested date and according to the “Regulation on the Cancellation and Reprogramming of travel vouchers”.

Art 3.9 Only partner agencies and authorized Transfero staff are authorized to make changes to travel vouchers.

Art. 3.10 OPEN return reservations are scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.Art.

Art. 3.11 Transfero has no obligation to call the traveler to validate his trip on any route. Obligation to contact us in case of delays / cancellations / changes etc. it is entirely up to the traveler.

Art. 3. 11 Purchase of travel tickets on the Internet:

Art 3.11.1 The presentation of the products in the online store – on the Internet – does not represent a legally binding offer, but an indicative online catalog, with the invitation for the potential passenger to make an offer. By pressing the “Platesc” button, a firm order is issued for the products in the shopping cart. For each person, respectively, one ticket will be issued. Transhipment courses are considered as a single trip. Order confirmation takes place immediately after the confirmation email is sent automatically. The transport contract intervenes when Transfero has accepted the order through a confirmation of receipt. This confirmation of acceptance can be made with the automatic confirmation by e-mail or separately, thereafter.

Art 3.11.2 According to the current standards of the technique, data communication over the Internet is not without errors and / or cannot be guaranteed at any time. It is not possible to develop and operate programs (software) and data processing equipment (hardware) completely error-free, and to eliminate all uncertainties related to the virtual environment. Therefore, Transfero assumes no responsibility for the constant and uninterrupted availability of its website and technical systems and cannot guarantee them. In particular, due to the technical characteristics of the Internet, the constant availability of online booking possibilities cannot be guaranteed.

Art 3.11.3 It should be emphasized that, in relation to distance selling, for example, transport contracts concluded via the Internet, whereby the contractor undertakes at the conclusion of the contract to provide the service at a certain date or in a certain period of time – Unlike, say, online sales with product shipment – the legal provisions regarding the right to unilaterally terminate contracts for this type of distance contracts do not apply. However, our conditions for reversal remain unaffected.

3.12 Transport rates:

Art. 3.12.1 There is no guaranteed right according to which all types or quotas of prices can be reserved in all booking offices. In particular, promotional actions may only be partially available on the Internet.

Art 3.12.2 The transport tax refers only to the transport of persons; other services such as seat reservation, extra or special luggage, travel insurance will be charged separately.

     Art 4. Invalid travel tickets

Art 4.1 The passenger is obliged, within the random control at the request of Transfero employees, to present the travel ticket, or for those with telephone reservations, a valid photo ID, in order to verify the validity of the trip.

Art 4.2 The passenger found without reservation during the check, is obliged to give his correct identification data and, upon request, to legitimize himself.

    Art 5. Increased travel rates

Art. 5.1 A passenger is obliged to pay an increased travel fare if he is discovered aboard a flight performed by a transport operator and has not reserved a place for that trip neither in advance nor access to the vehicle.

Art. 5.2 The increased travel fare is double the normal price for the distance already traveled by the passenger, but at least 60 lei, plus the travel fare for the distance still left to the destination. If it is not possible to determine the distance already traveled by the passenger, the starting point of the race will be taken into account for the setting of the increased travel fare.

Art. 5.3 The increased travel fare must be paid immediately, but not later than 2 weeks after receiving the payment order in writing. After this deadline, a processing fee of EUR 5 will be charged for each written payment order, unless it can be proved by the passenger that these processing costs do not exist or that their value is lower. Transfero reserves the right to take measures to continue criminal and / or civil prosecution.

Art 6. The travel program

Art. 6.1 We reserve the right to make changes to the approved and published travel program, data, routes and fares for justified reasons, in particular for the implementation of the decisions of the regulatory authorities.

Art. 6.2 Program changes which enter into force after the conclusion of the contract and which do not take place due to the carrier’s fault (for example, the prolonged effects of natural disasters or long-term work sites) do not give the passenger the right to claim compensation if departure and arrival, respectively. Instead, it may request a change of the respective race (date / time) according to the updated data, free of charge. To this end, the passenger addresses either the customer service telephone: mobile phone number from Romania: 0040 745 380 000 or by e-mail at The passenger was not allowed to start the journey. The other rights of the passenger are not affected either.

    Art 7. Start of the journey

Art 7.1 We recommend the passengers to arrive at the departure place 20 minutes before the departure of the bus.

Art. 7.2 If the passenger is not present at the scheduled time of the commencement of the trip at the scheduled departure location, the right to travel is lost, and the reserved trip may be relocated to another person.

Art. 7.3 If the passenger is informed by SMS, e-mail or otherwise in writing in relation to a delay of the flight, the passenger’s right of carriage will be canceled in case of not presenting it only after the delayed departure time. mentioned in the text of the SMS or in the email.

Art. 7.4 The verification of the travel right is made by comparing the passenger’s name with the reservation lists. In exceptional cases, the passenger must prove himself, at the request of the driver or service personnel presenting the printed or electronic reservation (as a PDF file) and a valid photo ID (identity card, passport and, possibly, the visa).

Art 8. Transhipment in other vehicles

Art 8.1 The published transport services are direct connections or in some cases, however, a transhipment in other vehicles may be necessary.

Art. 8.2 If a transhipment in another vehicle is foreseen, Transfero guarantees the continuation of the transport, until the planned destination. In case, in exceptional cases, a shuttle bus cannot wait for the transfer bus, Transfero provides a replacement vehicle. This can be done in individual cases and with minibuses of other companies. The right to a certain type of transport is not guaranteed.

     Art 9. Loss of the voucher / Cancellation / Reprogramming / Delay / Compensation

Art 9.1 Transfero assumes no responsibility for the delays of the air travel and / or for the losses suffered by the traveler, as a result of these delays. Arrival times depend on the level of traffic and traffic jams, the time of the control of the authorized authorities and the weather conditions.

Art 9.2. Transfero has the right, at any time, to cancel a race in the event of the threat or existence of a war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, blockade, strike, adverse weather conditions, social movements, technical problems of the coach or other circumstances that could be an impediment to the execution journey. Transfero assumes no responsibility for the losses suffered by the traveler.

Art. 9.3 The carrier reserves the right to change the fares or timetables with prior notice of the passengers.

Art. 9.4 Departures from Otopeni Airport can be modified up to 45 minutes due to the delays of the planes and the time required to take the luggage by the passengers.

Art. 9.5 In case of loss, destruction or theft of the travel voucher, it is recommended that the passenger notify the issuing agency and at the time of embarkation present an identity document stating the identification data mentioned in the voucher.

Art. 9.6 Some special rates are issued with conditions that may restrict or prohibit the modification of the reservation and may limit the amount of the refund in case of cancellation or non-travel. For details please contact partner agencies or Transfero staff.

Art. 9.7 The value of penalties in case of cancellation or reprogramming of the trip, are provided in the Regulation on the Cancellation and Reprogramming of the travel vouchers.

Art. 9.8 In no case or situation invoked, the passenger may not be refunded more than 100% of the value of the travel voucher.

Art. 9.9 The price of the voucher is in accordance with the rates in force from the day of issue.

Art. 9.10 The passenger has the obligation to check if the voucher has correctly entered his identification data, as well as the time and date of the trip.

Art. 9.11 Transfero is not guilty of the data entered incorrectly in the case of issuing travel vouchers.

Art 9.12 Vouchers issued at promotional rates and special offers have different conditions regarding cancellation or rescheduling.

Art. 9.13 Return requests, claims for compensation and / or complaints regarding the travel will be submitted in writing to the Transfero headquarters or to the partner agencies from where the ticket was purchased within a maximum of one month from the date of departure on the voucher travel.

Art 10. Rights of passengers in case of delay and cancellation

Art 10.1 In case of cancellation or delay of departure, the Transfero company informs immediately by electronic means the passenger who is to travel, at the latest 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time of the bus, about the situation and as soon as this information is available and in relation to the expected departure time. In order to obtain this information, the necessary contact details need to be made available correctly (for example, mobile phone number).

Art. 10.2 If it is reasonable to assume that the departure of the booked trip must be canceled or delayed by more than 120 minutes or in the case of overbooking, the passenger can choose: (a) the continuation of the trip as urgently as possible, under the conditions (b) the reimbursement of the ticket price and, possibly, the most urgent transport to the starting point specified in the contract. In no case or situation invoked, the passenger may not be refunded more than 100% of the value of the travel voucher. The reimbursement will be made in cash, unless the passenger accepts another form of reimbursement, and within 30 days from receiving the request or from presenting to the passenger the possibilities set out in points (a) and (b). The reimbursement shall not be applied under any circumstances in the cases mentioned in art. 9.1 and 9.2 of Art 9. Loss of the voucher / Cancellation / Reprogramming / Delay / Compensation.

Art. 10.3 If the vehicle becomes inoperable during the journey, Transfero offers the passenger the possibility to continue his journey with another vehicle or to be transported to a suitable waiting point, from where it is possible to continue the journey.

Art 11. Luggage

Art 11.1 Hand luggage:

Art 11.1.1 A small baggage, within a limit of 5 kg, is allowed for transport by bus, as a hand baggage. The passenger must store and supervise the hand luggage in the passenger compartment so that safety and order during operation are not jeopardized and the other passengers are not affected. It will, in principle, be housed in the compartment above the head of the passenger area or it will be placed under the front seat.

Art 11.1.2 The hand luggage and its contents will remain for the entire duration of the journey under the supervision of the passenger and must be properly supervised. If the access of an unauthorized person is observed, the bus driver must be informed. Shortly before the end of the race, the passenger checks the completeness of the contents of his hand luggage.

Art 11.1.3 Transfero assumes no responsibility for the carriage of hand luggage. It is entirely up to the passenger.

Art 11.1.4 Valuable items, such as money, jewelry, precious metals, keys, glasses (sun and / or reading glasses), art objects, electronic equipment (laptops, iPads, tablets, MP3 players) , mobile phones, cameras / video), contact lenses, prostheses, medicines, important documents (diplomas, certificates, passports, driving licenses, securities), etc. and other fragile items must be carried in the hand luggage and are in the passenger’s care. Transfero is not responsible for the loss or damage of goods and valuables such as those mentioned above, which are in the passengers’ hand luggage.

Art. 11.2 If valuables are to be carried in the hold baggage, the carrier does not offer any guarantee.

Art 11.3 The responsibility for the theft, loss or deterioration of luggage carried in the baggage hold, other than hand luggage, is transferred by Transfero or the company authorized by it to carry out the transport, only if they are due to the crew of the coach, who will have to as evidenced by the applicant. Compensation in such cases is within the limit of EUR 100, except for the goods mentioned in point 11.1.4

Art 11.4 Passengers have the obligation to supervise their luggage throughout the journey with Transfero cars, including at the time of stopping for boarding-disembarkation. The Transfero company is not responsible for any loss of passengers’ luggage.

Art. 11.5 For the loss of luggage unrelated to an accident resulting from the use of the coach, as well as for confusing or stealing their luggage, there is no liability of the carrier.

Art. 11.6 Passengers are required to lodge any claim regarding the loss / theft or damage of luggage, immediately upon arrival. Any subsequent claim will no longer be considered.

Art. 11.7 It is recommended for the passenger to have luggage insurance.

Art 11.8 The cost of the voucher includes the carriage of a hold baggage that must not exceed 25 kg. The transport of luggage that exceeds the maximum allowed quantity is additionally charged and is only guaranteed within the space available by bus.

Art. 11.9 The transport of animals, only of small size (or very small chicks) is allowed. They must be compulsory in a special transport cage for animals, be suitable for travel and meet all the criteria required for travel (vaccine, etc.). Thus, in the case of purchasing tickets online, the traveler is obliged to specify in the field “Comments” the transport of the pet. For telephone or agency reservations, it is obliged to communicate this information to the travel agent.

Art 11.10 It is strictly forbidden to carry in the baggage of: drugs, explosive or toxic substances, weapons, ammunition, oxygen or gas tubes, cylinders or any other caustic hazardous substances, heritage works without the necessary authorizations, as well as other objects and substances that violate the laws in force on the territory of Romania.

Art. 11.11 The passenger must mark on his luggage the name and address for the correct assignment and return, in particular to avoid confusion.

Art. 11.12 The passenger is responsible for loading his luggage in the means of transport or at the transhipment in another means of transport, at the driver’s guidance. A possible help from the bus driver occurs only in exceptional and justified cases, only if it is a passenger with a disability or a reduced mobility.

      Art 12. Baby carriages:

Art 12.1 The trolleys will be transported as special luggage (max. 1 trolley per passenger). The stroller must be foldable. Non-folding trolleys are excluded from transport. Registration must be done by telephone at customer service at least 48 hours before departure.

Art 12.2 The trolleys are transported free of charge.

Art 12.3 Transportation of persons with disabilities

Art 12.3.1 In accordance with the provisions of European Regulation 181/2011, the carrier declares that the buses / means of transport used in carrying out his activity are not properly designed so as to ensure the safe transport of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.

    Art 13. Passenger liability

Art. 13.1 The passenger who buys a travel voucher is liable to Transfero for any damages caused.

Art 13.2 The passenger who has a TUR-RETUR reservation, with the OPEN RETUR, has the possibility to contact the Transfero dispatcher within a maximum of 6 months for its programming. The reservation of the return date, within this time period, will be announced / made at least 48 hours before departure. For complete details of the cancellation and reprogramming policy, please access: “Regulation on Cancellation and Reprogramming of Travel Vouchers”.

Art 14. Obligations of the passenger

Art. 14.1 The instructions of the drivers and accompanying personnel must be respected.

Art. 14.2 The use of personal radio, cassette, mini-TV, video or musical instruments in the bus is forbidden. The use of a walkman or a CD player is permitted only if the volume of sound does not disturb the other passengers.

Art. 14.3 It is forbidden to passengers: deterioration or pollution of the bus, consumption of alcoholic beverages, obstruction in any way of the driver or of the other persons in the crew in carrying out the specific tasks in good conditions, causing inconvenience or discomfort to the passengers of the bus or other participants. traffic.

Art. 14.3.1 If the behavior of the passengers does not comply with this provision, Transfero or the company authorized to carry out the transport, may forbid the passenger to make or continue the journey, without the latter having the right to a compensation or subsequent reimbursement of the value of the voucher paid. Passengers who intentionally or negligently disrupt the bus must pay a cleaning fee of at least EUR 100 to Transfero, although the passenger is allowed to prove that the damage did not occur or that it is substantially less than the lump sum said.

Art 14.4 The carrier has the right to refuse the transport or to interrupt it without the right to compensation or reimbursement of the price of the voucher, if the passenger does not respect the conditions of the transport contract, violates the laws on the territory of Romania, if he is in a a condition that indicates a contagious disease, has an uncivilized behavior in the bus or to the other passengers and endangers the safety of the other passengers thus disturbing the journey.

Art 14.5 Smoking is prohibited in Transfero buses.

Art 14.5.1 Transfero is authorized to request passengers who violate this rule or defy the request not to smoke, to get off the bus immediately without the right to compensation or reimbursement of the voucher price.

Art 14.6 It is forbidden to access the Transfero cars, to persons in a state of intoxication.

Article 14.6.1. Drivers are authorized to refuse the transport of persons in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs. The same applies to passengers who endanger the safety of passengers for other reasons or clearly affect the condition of passengers. In this case, there is no right to provide compensatory transport

Art 14.7 It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he / she holds all the travel documents required for entry, transit or stay in the territory of a foreign country such as passport, visas, medical certificate.

Art. 14.8 Passengers are required to arrive at the embarkation point at least 20 minutes before the departure time.

Art. 14.8.1 The registration of the passengers ends with 10 minutes before the departure time. Passengers arriving by bus less than 10 minutes before departure time may lose their reservation for the seat in the bus, without having to pay full or partial refund of the fare. Any delay entails unilateral delayed passenger liability.

Art. 14.9 In the case of regular stops on the route, passengers are obliged to return to the bus during the announced time before stopping. Otherwise, the coach will leave the station without the passengers who did not show up, Transfero assuming no responsibility for the consequences of this fact.

Art. 14.10 Throughout the journey the passenger must comply with the conditions and safety rules on board the bus, rules that are displayed or will be handed to the passenger by the Transfero crew.

Art. 14.11 The notifications / complaints regarding the fulfillment by Transfero of the transport contract with the passenger, must be submitted in writing in the shortest time, but within a maximum of one month from the date of the trip, either at the company headquarters or by email at the suggestion address. @

Art. 14.12 If, for whatever reason, Transfero cannot fulfill or has not fulfilled its contractual obligations, it will find the best solution to remedy the situation or an alternative for transport, if this is possible and at costs. reasonable.

Art. 14.13 Transfero reserves the right to check, photocopy or otherwise record the travel documents of passengers, in compliance with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data. In case the passengers do not have travel documents requested by the Romanian authorities, in which case they may be fined, Transfero reserves the right to recover from the passenger the amount related to the fine.

Art. 14.14 When purchasing the voucher, the client is the one who must provide the agent with the relevant information necessary for granting any reductions in the travel tariff to the travel voucher. Any claims subsequent to the payment of the travel voucher will not be considered.

Art. 14.15 In order to benefit from transport facilities or offers within the loyalty programs, the clients must possess the required / requested documents.

Art. 14.16 Every passenger is obliged, according to the law, to use the seat belt, if the car has them.

Art. 14.17 During breaks / stops or police checks, passengers must leave the bus at the request of drivers or boarding personnel. The passenger has the obligation to respect the duration of the breaks specified by the drivers and by the boarding personnel. The driver has the right to continue the journey if a passenger has not returned after the specified time interval and is not responsible for the absence of a passenger after the specified break time.

Art. 14.18 The passengers declare that they have become aware of the ones provided in point 7 of these conditions.

Art. 14.19 If the vehicle becomes inoperable during the journey, Transfero offers the passenger the possibility to continue his journey with another vehicle or to be transported to a suitable waiting point, from where it is possible to continue the journey.

Art 15. Children and minors

Art. 15.1 Small children between the ages of 0 and 3 years can be transported on request at cost in child seats. They will be insured during the journey by using the bus seat belts. Child seats should be fastened with two-point seat belts and can be provided by the child’s companions or can be provided by the company depending on availability. This service has a 50% discount on the value of the travel voucher.

Art 15.2 Children up to 9 years old (inclusive) travel on a reduced rate, benefiting from a 50% reduction in the cost of a travel voucher.

Art 15.3 Children and minors between the ages of 10 and 14 years may travel unaccompanied, unless a guardian has confirmed in writing, during the process of booking the trip, that the minor is able to travel alone and unattended. Transfero does not expressly assume any obligation to supervise the minor.

Art 15.4 Minors over the age of 14 can travel alone.

     Art 16. Refusal of transport

Art 16.1 Transfero reserves the right to refuse the carriage of both passengers and their luggage if:

We have good reason to believe that your transportation refusal is necessary for security reasons (for example, if you are intoxicated).

We have good reason to believe that your presence on board could endanger the life, health, physical integrity and comfort of you and / or other persons on board;

We have good reason to believe that your age or physical or mental condition could endanger your person and / or the other persons on board and / or their belongings;

Your physical condition, clothing or behavior frightens, displeases or scandalises the persons on board;

The flight time is less than 90 minutes before the arrival time at Otopeni Airport;

The amount of the travel voucher was not paid.

       Art 17. Insurance


Art. 17.1 The carrier insures passengers for all bodily injury resulting from the movement of the vehicle and from their presence in the vehicle. The insurance does not cover the personal injury caused by the fault of the passenger or the luggage transported.