Regulation on Cancellation and Rescheduling the Travel Vouchers


Art 1. In order to cancel a travel voucher, it shall be sent an e-mail to, mentioning traveller’s name and surname, phone number, date and hour of leaving, reservation code as well as the reason for cancelling. In the case of on-line tickets, mention the bank account where you want to get the money too.

Art 1.2. The travel voucher can be canceled starting with the day of issue and up to 24 hours before the departure date and time, a penalty charge of 5 lei will be charged/per ticket/per person/per route. The refund of the remaining amount is done by bank transfer to the traveler account within 30 days for the tickets purchased online. For the tickets purchased from the Transfero headquarters, the return of the value will be made on the basis of a request for return accompanied by the fiscal receipt and the reservation code, the payment being made in cash. For the tickets purchased from the Transfero partner agencies, the return of the value will be made at the headquarters of the agency where the voucher was purchased. REFUND OF THE MONEY IS MADE ONLY ON THE BASIS OF THE RECEIPT AND THE BOOKING CODE.

Art 1.3. Requests for cancellation made less than 24 hours before the time of travel will not be considered.

Art. 1.4. In case the cancellation of a travel voucher is requested, on which the date, time or route have been modified, the amount of the travel voucher will not be returned, under any circumstances.

Art 1.5. For the tickets with open return shall be applies the conditions mentioned at Art.1, Art 1.2, Art 1.3, as well as Art. 1.4.



Art 2. Rescheduling means changing the date of the trip for the purchased voucher, which can be ONLY done in the limit of the available seats for the new required date.

Article 2.1. Reprogramming can be applied on the time or date of the trip. It can also be applied to the route, only if the direction is wrong, as an example: Tecuci-Otopeni can be changed to Otopeni-Tecuci and vice versa. However, it is not possible to change the cities, for example: Tecuci – Otopeni in Galati-Otopeni.

Art 2.2 On the journey you can intervene with changes of date, route or time only once.

Art 2.3. Rescheduling can be done FREE from the issuing date until 24 hours before the date and time of leaving.

Art 2.4. Reschedules cannot be done less than 24 hours before the travel time.

Art 2.5. Rescheduling shall be done by REPLACING the old ticket and issuing a new one, with the new date of travel. These procedures shall be done in the system by the issuing agencies.

Art 2.6. In the case of a flight delay resulting in the loosing of the transfer, the passenger shall pe rescheduled for the next race, free of charge and in the limit of available seats. Passenger’s refusal of the next race will not make the company responsible for returning the money.

Art 2.7. Reprogramming is also possible with online tickets. In this case, it is reprogrammed according to the procedure of Chapter II, following the issuance of another travel voucher with the date and time of the updated trip.

Art 2.8.  For rescheduling the open return tickets there shall be used the conditions mentioned in Art 2., Art 2.1, Art.2.2, Art.2.3, Art.2.4, Art. 2.5, Art.2.6.

Art 2.9. In case the flight is canceled / modified less than 24 hours before the trip, the travel voucher can only be REPROGRAMMED for any other date / time within the available places. This is done only on the basis of the evidence of cancellation/modification from the airline company, sent by e-mail to:, at the time when it was canceled / modified, but not later than 12 hours.