General conditions of transport

Art 1. The usability of the General Conditions of Transport

Art 1.1 Passengers must respect the General Conditions of Transport and the in force provision of the Transport Law from Romania and from the other countries where he/she travels.

Art 1.2 The carrier and its partner agencies has no responsibility in case that a passenger does not respect the above mentioned provisions.

Art 1.3 By finalizing the acquisition of the transfer ticket, as well as by making the trip, the passengers agree on the provisions mentioned below.

Art 2. Definitions

Art 2.1 The legal provisions regarding the transport contract define the cases when the carrier has no responsibility.

Art 2.2 The returned travel vouchers represent those vouchers for which the client receives back the money under the conditions of “The regulation regarding the cancelation or reschedule of travel vouchers” in case the the client gives up to the trip, totally or partially.

Art 2.3 The date of leaving is the date when the travel starts from Romania and which is written on the travel voucher.

Art 3. Vouchers / Availability / Reservation

Art 3.1 The travel voucher is nominal, it cannot be passed to any other person and it has to be shown at the request of company staff or control authorities.

Art 3.2 The availability of the voucher starts at the time and date mentioned on it and ends at the time and date of arrival, specified on the voucher.

Art 3.3 Travel cancellation and return of the voucher can only be made by the agencies which issued the voucher, subject to the applicable rules in such cases.

Art 3.4 Any change of the date and time of the travel shall be announced and mentioned on the voucher at an agency which is a partner of Transfero, paying the related taxes, according to “The Regulation on Cancelation and Rescheduling of the travelling vouchers”.

Art 3.5 No preferential seats can be reserved when purchasing the vouches. They are randomly occupied.

Art 3.6 A seat in the coach in guaranteed when you buy the travel voucher.

Art 3.7 The acquisition of vouchers with promotional fees and with fix date of return cannot be modified.

Art 3.8 In case of rescheduling the travel, this will be done only within the limits of the available seats for the requested date.

Art 3.9 Only partner agencies and Authorised Trasnfero staff are allowed to make changes on the travel vouchers.

Art 3.10 Reservations with OPEN return shall be scheduled at least 48 hours before.

Art 4. Voucher loss/ Cancellation/ Rescheduling/ Compensation

Art 4.1 In the case of loss, destruction or theft of the travel voucher, it is recommended that the passenger announces the issuing agency and at the time of embarking presents an identity card from which shell result the identification data mentioned in the voucher.

Art 4.2 Some special tariffs are issued under conditions that may restrict or prohibit de reservation change and may limit the amount of the refund in case of cancellation or non-completion of the trip. For details, please contact the partner agencies or Transfero staff.

Art 4.3 The value of the penalties in the event of cancellation or rescheduling the trip is mentioned in The Regulation on Cancelation and Rescheduling of the travelling vouchers.

Art 4.4 Under no circumstances may the passengers be reimbursed more than 100% of the travel voucher value.

Art 4.5 The price of the voucher is according to the tariffs from the issuing day.

Art 4.6 The passenger has the obligation to check if the identification information is correctly written, as well as the date and time of the travel.

Art 4.7 Transfero is not responsible for the wrong mentioning of information when issuing a travel voucher.

Art 4.8 The vouches issued at promotional rates and special offers have different conditions when talking about the cancelation or rescheduling.

Art 4.9 The return requests, claims and/or travel complaints shall be lodged in writing at Transfero’s headquarters or at the partner agencies from where the ticker was bought, in no more than one month from the departure date from the travel voucher.

Art 5. Luggage

Art 5.1 A small size luggage, limited to 5 kilos, is allowed to be carried in the coach, as a hand luggage. Hand luggage shall be stored in the special designed places from the coach (not under the seats or between them).

Art. 5.2. The passengers must supervise their luggage through the whole duration of their transfer with Transfero’s cars, including the moments of embarking and disembarking.

Art 5.3. Transfero has no responsibility for the transport of hand luggage. This rests entirely to the passenger, unless the damage is caused by the carrier and it can be proved by the passenger.

Art 5.4 Transfero is not responsible for any loss or damage of goods an valuables as money, jewelry, art objects, photo or video cameras, computers, etc which are in the hand luggage of the passengers.

Art 5.5 The responsibility for theft, loss or damage of the luggage carried in the special designed space for luggage, other than the hand luggage, rests with Transfero or the authorized company to carry the transport, only if this happens because of an intended negligence of coach’s crew, which must be proved by the plaintiff. Compensation in such cases is in the limit of 100 euro, excepting the goods mentioned at Art. 5.4.

Art 5.6 The passengers has the obligation to submit any claim regarding the loss/ theft or deterioration of the luggage immediately after arrival. Any further complains will no longer be taken into consideration.

Art 5.7 It is recommended that the passenger should have a luggage insurance.

Art 5.8 The cost of the voucher includes the transport of a hold luggage with no more than 25kg. The transport of luggage that exceeds the maximum allowed quantity are additional charged with the sum of 10 lei and it is guaranteed only within the limits of the available space from the coach.

Art 5.9 It is not allowed the transport of pets.

Art 5.10 It is strictly forbidden to carry in the luggage: drugs, toxic or explosive substances, weapons, ammunition, oxygen or gas tubes, cylinders or others caustic substances considered dangerous, heritage art works without necessary authorization, as well as other objects or substances that violate the laws in force in Romania.

Art 5.11 All luggage, including hand luggage should be labelled in such a way to be clearly seen its owner.

Art 6. Delays / Cancellations / Changes

Art 6.1 Transfero is not responsible for the delays of plans and/or for the loss of any traveller which is caused by these delays. The arrival hours depend on the level of traffic, traffic jams, control time of authorities and weather conditions.

Art 6.2. Transfero has anytime the right to cancel a race in case of a threat or war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, blockade, strike, unfavourable weather conditions, social movements, technical problems of the coach or any other circumstances which may be an impediment for the journey.

Art 6.3 The carrier has the right to modify the tariffs or timetables with prior notice to passengers.

Art 6.4 Departures from Otopeni Airport may be modified up to 45 minutes due to planes delays and needed time to get the luggage.

Art 7. Transport of disabled persons

Art 7.1 According the European Regulation 181/2011, the carrier declares that the coaches/ways of transport used in its activity are not properly designed to ensure the safe transportation of disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility.

Art 8. Passenger’s liability

Art 8.1 The passenger who buys a travel voucher is liable to Transfero for any damage caused.

Art 8.2 The passenger who has a round trip or an open turn back reservation has the possibility to contact Transfero’s dispatch within a maximum period of 6 months in order to reschedule. In this period, the reservation of return date shall be announced with more than 48 hours before. For complete information regarding the policy of cancellation or reschedule, please read “The regulation of Cancellation and Rescheduling the Travel Vouchers.”

Art 8.3. Children until 16 have to travel with an adult.

Art 8.4. Children are allowed in the coaches only supervised by adults or in the case that they have a notary record proving the consent of the parent or tutor for the travel.

Art 9. Passenger’s Obligations

Art 9.1. In the coach, it is forbidden the usage of personal radios, cassette recorders, mini TVs, video or musical instruments. The use of a Walkman or CD player is allowed only if the volume of the sound does not disturb the other passengers.

Art 9.2. It is prohibited: the deterioration or dirtying of the coach, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, the obstruction, in any way, of the driver or of other persons from the crew, in the proper accomplishment of their specific duties, causing inconvenience to other travellers from to coach or participants to the traffic.

*In the case that the behaviour of the passengers is not according to this provision, Transfero or the authorised company to carry out the transport, shall forbid the passenger to continue the travel, without being entitled to compensation or subsequent repayment of the value of the paid voucher.

Art 9.3 The carrier has the right to refuse or interrupt the transport, without the right to compensation or refund of the voucher price, in case that the passengers does not respect the conditions of the transport contract, violates the laws which are in force in Romania, or in the case that he/she has a contagious disease, uncivilized behaviour in the coach or regarding other passengers and put into danger the safety of other travellers, disturbing the travel.

Art 9.4 Smoking is prohibited in Transfero’s coaches.

*Transfero is authorize to ask to passengers who violate this regulation or defy the request not to smoke to go immediately out of the coach, without the right to compensation of refund of the voucher price.

Art 9.5 The access of drunk persons to Transfero vehicles is forbidden.

Art 9.6 It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she holds all the travelling documents needed for enter, transit or stay on the territory of a foreign country such as passport, visas, medical certificate. If during the travel, the passenger is denied the right of entering or transiting a country, all consequences, including all damages suffered by Transfero, fall under the responsibility of the passenger, without being able to benefit from total or partial refund of the travelling voucher value.

Art 9.7 Passengers has to be present at the boarding station with at least 20 minutes before departure hour.

*The registration of the passenger closes with 10 minutes before the departure hour. The passengers who come to the coach with less than 10 minutes before the departure hour, may risk losing their seat in the coach, without being able to benefit from the total or partial refund of the price of the traveling voucher. Any delay draws the unilateral responsibility of the late passenger.

Art 9.8 In the case of regular stops on the route, passengers shall come back to the coach in the time announced before the stop.  Otherwise, the coach leaves without the passengers who did not show up. Tranfero is not responsible for the consequences arising from this fact.

Art 9.9 During the journey, the traveller shall respect the safety rules and conditions which are displayed or shall be given to him/her by Tranfero’s crew.

Art 9.10 Reports/ complaints regarding the compliance with the transport contract shall be made in writing as soon as possible, within a month from the date of travel, at the company’s headquarter or by e-mail at .

Art 9.11 If, no matter of the reason, Transfero cannot accomplish its contractual obligation, it shall find the best remedy for the situation or an optional transport, as long as this is possible with reasonable costs.

Art 9.12 Transfero has the right to check, photocopy or register in any other way the travelling documents of passengers. In the case that passengers do not have the travelling documents required by Romanian or destination country authorities, case in which it may be subject to fines, Transfero has the right to recover from the passengers the amount of the value.

Art 9.13 When buying the voucher, the client shall offer to the agent information regarding age, social status, etc before completing the travel voucher, in order to benefit from potential travel discount. Any other claim after the moment of voucher acquisition shall not be taken into consideration.

Art 9.14 In order to benefit from the transport facilities or offers within loyalty programs, clients shall have the need/required documents.

Art 9.15 Passengers declare that they aware of the provisions of paragraph 7 from the current conditions.

Art 10. The refusal of transport

Art 10.1 Transfero has the right to refuse both the transport of passengers and their luggage, in the case that:

  • We have reasonable grounds to consider that the refusal of transport is needed because of safety reasons (for example, if you are drunk).
  • We have reasonable grounds to consider that your presence on board would endanger your life, health, physical integrity and comfort and/or of other persons on board;
  • We have reasonable grounds to think that your age or your physical or mental state would endanger you or other persons on boards and/or their goods;
  • Your physical state, your clothes or your way of acting frighten, disgust or scandalize the other persons on board;
  • Take off time is less than 90 minutes before the arrival time at Otopeni Airoport;
  • The travel voucher has not been paid.

Art 11. Insurance 

Art 11.1 The carrier insures the passengers in case of any kind of body injury resulted from the movement of the vehicle and from their presence there. The insurance does not cover the body injury generated by the fault of the passenger and luggage.