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Offers - Rent-a-Car
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Booking services available 24/7

Offers - Rent-a-Car
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Booking services available 24/7


Check the date of delivery, it can not be the same as your departure date.


Car rental services for airport transfers

Booking services available 24/7

Are you looking for the highest quality in private transfer services? Have you returned from abroad and are you in need of a car for the duration of your stay, quickly and at the best price?

Transfero offers rent a car services boasting top security and comfort in Focsani, Barlad or Tecuci. We guarantee that we can offer you the best cars on the best terms for relaxing and carefree trips.

Because we do not compromise when it comes to quality and because your safety is our top priority, we offer you the rent a car service with all our cars technically verified before delivery, which have already been filled and up to date vignettes and MTPL and CASCO insurance.

Regardless of the car model you like, you can be sure that it will be clean and well-maintained, because we know you want a clean and comfortable car that runs smoothly.

We’re certain you will enjoy the safety and comfort offered by our car rental service. Choose now the right car for you and book it in one of our cities, Focsani, Barlad or Tecuci.